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Born '89 in Bavaria, raised in the middle of nowhere. Finding out about Jimi Hendrix. Quitting School. Munich Guitar Institute. A lot of Touring & Recording. University of Performing Arts Munich. Introducing Rick Daniels.

to be continued...


  • born in September 1989 in Landshut, Bavaria, Germany
  • Gymnasium Vilsbiburg 2000 - 2006
  • since 2006 working as a freelance guitarist & educator


musical education:

  • '03 - '05 Guitar Lessons w/ Andreas Heindl (MGI/ATMA)
  • '05 & '06 Freak Guitar Camp (Sweden) w/ Mattias IA Eklundh
  • '06 - '08 Intensivstudium 1 „ Munich Guitar Institut (MGI) ” w/ Wolfgang Zenk, Uli Widenhorn , Christian Schwarzbach , Horst Poland 
  • '08 - '11 Private Lessons & Masterclasses: Steve Vai , Guthrie Govan , Jonas Hellborg , James Genus , Tia Fuller (Beyoncé), Martin Miller, Kaspar Jalily, Michael Sagmeister , Joscho Stephan , Kee Marcello, Morten Faerestrand, Andreas Öberg, Sean Wilson a.m.m. 
  • '11- '13 Intensivstudium 2 „ Munich Guitar Institut" 
  • '13 - '18 Bachelor of Music - Jazz Guitar , University of Performing Arts Munich w/ Prof. Peter o‘mara 
  • '19 - '21 Master of Music - Jazz Education , University of Performing Arts Munich

teaching experience:

  • Private Lessons '06 - today
  • Musik Zentrum Mühldorf '08 - '11 
  • Musikschule Buchbach e.V. '11 - '17 
  • Montessorischule Biberkor '12 - '13 
  • Musikschule Melodrom München '14 - '16 
  • Projects for Goethe Institute '16 - today 
  • Volkshochschule München '18 - today
  • Schola Musicae / Bandworkshop '19 - today
  • Online Lessons '20


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I got two hearts in my chest.
One beats for the magic of rhythm and its never ending source of inspiration.
The other one loves to be surprised, challenged and is always eager to explore the unknown.

Music gave me a clear purpose in life.
It enabled all kinds of life-lessons to be learned through the challenges it brings to your door step (like my beloved cats returning from the forest with "presents").

Existing in a micro-cosmos where differences are appreciated.
That in itself is already a gift, looking at the political climate nowadays.

My mission is to combine the different musical approaches of Black American Music, Jamaican Reggae, Indian Konnakol & others, with musical & sonic influences from Europe and the country i grew up in - Germany.

Whenever i switched roles between working with trained musicians & artists who never read sheet music or didn’t need to talk about what they play/sing, i understood for my self that musical education is only a vehicle to articulate things - but nothing personal or meaningful by itself.

I many times found more bliss in watching somebody play 3 notes with all their existence than hearing a hyper virtuoso player shredding at tempo 400 bpm.

"What does that make you feel?"  should be the central question while learning music & theory.

Working more on time feel than on being flashy.

Rhythm is the first thing we are confronted with when we are in the womb of our mothers - through her heartbeat. Like an elliptical groove with two different accents. We all went through the same groove school so to speak - even if nobody is able to remember, though ;-)

Let's change the misconception of "stare" sheet music and make "the feel" the ultimate priority again. Music is made to create emotions and inspire dancing/movement.

If your core musicianship is strong - you are ready for everything thats coming your way.

Feel free to ask further questions via email!

Thank you
for showing interest in my work and all the best on your musical journey,
Daniel Rickler


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Studio/Touring work:

  • Antilopen Gang - LP "Anarchie und Alltag"
  • Andrew Tosh (JA) 
  • A-F-R-O (US)
  • T3 of Slum Village (US)
  • Luciano (JA)
  • Junior Kelly (JA)
  • Duane Stephenson (JA)
  • Mono & Nikitaman
  • Danger Dan - LP "Reflexionen aus dem beschönigten Leben"
  • Adriano Prestel
  • Max Merseny
  • Protoje (JA) 
  • Kabaka Pyramid (JA) 
  • Turbulance (JA)
  • Queen Omega (TT)
  • Fully Fullwood (JA)
  • GALV 
  • Guilty Simpson (US)
  • Phat Kat (US)
  • S. Fidelity 
  • Jahdan Blakkamoore (US)
  • Jan Stix Pfennig - BOOK Swag Drumming Vol. 2
  • Vernon Hill (US)
  • Mano Ezoh (Europarekord "Größter Gospelchor" - Olympiahalle München) 
  • Sara Lugo 
  • Treesha (KEN)
  • Ras Muhamad (ID) 
  • Martin Zobel & Soulrise 
  • Miwata
  • Javada (JA)
  • Marla Brown (JA)
  • Jahbar I (JA)
  • Jah Lil (JA)
  • Denham Smith (JA)
  • Manfred Groove (WTF/ Luksan Wunder) 
  • Dactah Chando (TEN) 
  • Uwe Banton 
  • Voicemail (JA)
  • Admiral Tibet (JA) 
  • Prince Allah (JA) 
  • Echo Minott (JA)
  • Ganjaman 
  • Fyah-T 
  • Jamaram 
  • Iriepathie (AT)
  • Raphael (IT) 
  • Jennifer Washington (GER/US) 
  • Crosby (ZA) 
  • Audi Bamer 
  • Iba Mahr (JA) 
  • Rogue Venom (US) 
  • Offbeat Ambassador 
  • U-Cee & the Royal Family 
  • Next Generation Family
  • Fire Man Crew (AT) 
  • Stepwise Records 
  • Oneness Records 
  • VP Records (US)
  • Irievibrations Records (AT)
  • VinDig Records
  • HHV Records
  • Jakarta Records
  • Soulfire Records 
  • Achinech Productions (TEN)
  • Jochens kleine Plattenfirma 
  • Warner
  • Urban Tree Music
  • AMA-Verlag
  • Ten Guitars (Youtube)
  • a.m.m.


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Recording System:

Mac Book Pro 2017 / 2,9 Ghz i7 / 16GB / 1TB SSD
Universal Audio Apollo Twin (Interface)

Logic X (DAW)
Dorico 3 (Notation/Arrangement)
NI Komplete Ultimate (Sample Library)

Mackie HR824 (Reference Speakers)
Adam A3X (Reference Speakers)

Shure Sm57 (Dynamic Mic)
Aston Origin (Condenser Mic)
Aston Halo (Acoustic Isolation Element)

Keyboards / Midi Controller:

Korg microKORG S (Synth)
M-Audio Axiom Pro 61 (Midi)
Roli Seaboard Blocks (MPE)
Roli M-Blocks (MPE)
NI Maschine Mk1
Akai MPK mini


Cole Clark Culprit 2 (Tele)
Carvin (Tele)
Ibanez George Benson Model
Ibanez Artcore (Jazzguitar)
PRS Custom 22
Suhr Modern Frost
Stephens Custom 335 (Hollowbody)

Cole Clark Angel
Galatto D-Hole (Selmer Style)
Cordoba Flamenca

Squire Jazz Bass (4-String)


Mesa Boogie Lonestar Classic 2x12
Fender Blues Junior 1x12

Digital Amp Simulations:

Fractal Axe FX Ultra
Line 6 HX Stomp
Boss E-Band (Teaching)


Wampler Ego Compressor
Keeley Compressor (4-Knob)

Fulltone Clyde Deluxe (Wah)
Vox Classic (Wah)
Hotone Soul Press (Wah/Vol/Exp)

TC Electronics Sparkle Mini (Clean Boost)
Wampler Euphoria (Dumble Style Overdrive)
Exotic BB Plus (Dual Overdrive/Dist)
Redstuff 1987 (Boutique Preamp/Distortion)

Ibanez Fl-9 (80's Vintage Analog Flanger)
Artec Analog Phaseshifter (Phaser)
TC Electronics Corona Mini (Chorus)

Boss AW-3 (Auto Wah)
Boss GE-7 (Multi Band EQ)
Boss RC-30 (Loop Station)
Boss RE-20 (Tape Delay)

Electro Harmonix Small Stone (70's Vintage Phaser / Military Green)
Electro Harmonix Synth 9 (Git Synth Pedal)
Electro Harmonix B 9 (Git Organ Pedal)

Digitech Whammy 3 (Pitch Shifter)

MXR Talkbox

G-Lab DR-3 (Dual Reverb)

Strymon Lex (Rotary/Leslie Sim)
Strymon Flint (Reverb/Tremolo)
Strymon Timeline (Delay)

Ernie Ball VP Junior (Volume Pedal)

TC Electronics Polytune Mini (Tuner Pedal)

G-Lab GCS-5 (Loop & Midi Switcher)

KMI Softstep (Midi Controller)

T-Rex Fuel Tank (Power Supply)

Flightcases / Pedaltrain (M & XL) / Stands / Carrier


I'm grateful for having and having had the support of following brands throughout my career:

Gibson Guitars
Noble Guitars
Harvest Gigbags

former Endorsers:

PRS (Meinl)
Mesa Boogie (Meinl)
House of Marley (Headphones)
G-Lab Effects